Our Autoform simulation technology analyzes and validates part materials, forming processes and tool designs. This technology recognizes problems before tooling construction begins. It enables the final validation of the entire sheet metal forming process - from the insertion of the blank into the press, through to binder wrap, draw, trim, restrike, flange, springback and springback compensation. Even the optimal wear protection can be defined before starting tool design.
Simulation Analysis & Testing evaluates:
  • Compression
  • Trim line optimization
  • Thinning
  • Wrinkling
  • Spring back and compensation
  • Splitting

Surface/Internal stress testing also measures:
  • Die wear
  • Radial and axial displacement
  • Effective, mean, radial, axial, hoop and shearing
    stress and strain
  • Radial and axial displacement
  • Volumetric strain
  • Load
  • Distortion due to forming load