Our Mission:

To build long standing relationships with our customers while servicing their industry to the best of our abilities. We will accomplish this through hard work, being ethical, and having great pride in the work we do here.
UEI Incorporated
UEI Inc. is dedicated to building a quality tool, on time, and at a competitive price. We were incorporated in 1994, and have a long-standing reputation for taking projects from conception to creation in the automotive, appliance, ATV, motorcycle, and aerospace industries. UEI is located at 2771 West River Drive, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our 27,000 sq. ft. facility is capable of meeting all of your tooling needs

A snapshot of what we do...

UEI specializes in the design, simulation, and build of progressive, line, and transfer dies for all industries. The process for you starts in quoting when we receive your part prints and/or data. We unfold the part and run a preliminary simulation using FTI Forming Suite software. Then our knowledgeable estimators will come up with a process that best utilizes material usage along with the most robust process. After, it is assigned to a project manager and our experienced designers use Visi Solids Design Software to develop a strip for your review. Once this is accomplished, we run the part through AutoForm simulation for part forming development and trim development. When the designs are completed and approved, our team of diemakers using our many CNC mills and wire EDM machines will take your project from a design to completion. When a die/part is approved we will execute a run off for your team in our facility, using our coil-fed 500 ton presses. Finally, the run off at your facility will be fully supported by UEI personnel to make any press adjustments needed and stay until you are satisfied.